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26 May, 2024

With Special Guests: RVNNT!

Tonight, we're joined by Connor and Jake from Brisbane band RVN//NT! We had a chat about how they met, what drives them, their upcoming single "Distain" and what they've got planned for the rest of 2024. We also played some new As I Lay Dying, Flesh Torrent, Pyrokinesis and more! Have a listen back; we hope you have as much fun as we did.

As I Lay DyingBurden 08:01:05
BuddSweeperLOCAL 08:07:38
FuzzPilotNo Time For Numb NutsLOCAL 08:11:08
CrowbarEquilibrium 08:14:46
BeanflipperMineAUS 08:19:25
PyrokinesesSidewinderLOCAL 08:30:29
Wilful DamageA.C.A.C. (Feat. Barry Ruane from Plan Of Attack)LOCAL 08:34:01
MassicSurrenderLOCAL 08:35:55
RVNNTVoid Of MindLOCAL 08:40:37
RVNNTBleed WithinLOCAL 09:07:44
Divine ExecutionThe Damage DoneLOCAL 09:12:31
Drowning HorseOf The WildAUS 09:16:26
Flesh TorrentFenrirLOCAL 09:28:58
GriegInto OblivionLOCAL 09:32:35
MergatroydThe Third Rule Of HermitudeLOCAL 09:36:29
Dark FuneralMy Dark Desires 09:40:44
MindsnareDisturbing The HiveAUS 09:46:18
OdiusIgnorance Paid In ViolenceLOCAL 09:48:34
MelecheshGhouls Of Nineveh 09:50:43
Awful NoiseBorn With Sewn Shut EyesLOCAL 09:58:54