Unnecessary Knowledge



6:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Quite simply, it's a show filled with a lot of useless knowledge. Did you know that ladybugs shoot acid through their knees or that Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to s-l-o-w film down so you could see his moves? No? Well listen in to Unnecessary Knowledge and you'll hear a bucket load more of pointless facts... maybe. Oh, we also play music and host some guests sometimes. 

Pure and simple, it’s a pop culture show. We play a host of new and old music and harness the hosts' wide knowledge of useless information that relates (but not always) to these songs.   


29 May, 2024

SquareBrand NewLOCAL 06:01:00
Pond(I'm) StungAUS 06:05:00
Girl And GirlSuffocateLOCAL 06:09:00
The TramsDaybreakLOCAL 06:14:00
Sydney WaterParisAUS 06:18:00
The Aerial MapsEucalyptus RoadAUS 06:26:00
Hiatus KaiyoteTelescopeAUS 06:32:00
Cactus FaceDarwinismAUS 06:37:00
Emma RussackEverything Is BigAUS 06:46:00
Jess RibeiroEverything Is NowAUS 06:48:00
Summer FlakeNothing Lasts ForeverAUS 06:52:00
Electric Prawns 2Prawns PartyLOCAL 06:58:00
Amyl And The SniffersU Should Not Be Doing ThatAUS 07:02:00
Big LeagueOn The GridAUS 07:15:00
The Valery TrailsMaybeLOCAL 07:17:00
Ancient ChannelsPangsLOCAL 07:21:00
ArmlockIce ColdAUS 07:28:00
Keep On DancinsFavouriteLOCAL 07:40:00
Platonic SexHanging Out The WindowLOCAL 07:44:00
Down UnderHellAUS 07:57:00
Ultra MaterialRhodamineLOCAL 08:03:00
Adele And The ChandeliersBirds!LOCAL 08:12:00
Sacred HeartsPig CityLOCAL 08:16:00
PixiesHey 08:37:00
ShellacChick New Wave 08:42:00
Locust RevivalLocust HausLOCAL 08:44:00
ScreamfeederTowerLOCAL 08:56:00