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12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

The Soundtrack Show with Joe

If you like Movie, TV or even Musical Comedy Soundtracks then party on with Joe!

The Soundtrack Show plays a wide variety of music from Punk, Blues, Heavy Metal to Rock'n'Roll and more.

It might be late but so what! 

Grab a drink and turn up the volume! (a bit) 


26 May, 2024

''She's a Punk Rocker'' Riot Grrrlzzz Special!

SNL''History of Punk'' 12:00:00
Me First And The Gimme GimmesDancing Queen (Live)
Redd KrossBorn Innocent
Amyl And The SniffersFactsAUS
The GlycereensJohnny and Dee DeeLOCAL
She's a Punk Rocker''Film Trailer'' 12:20:00
X-Ray SpexI Am a Poseur
The SlitsVindictive
CrassWhere Next Columbus
The AdvertsBored Teenager
BrigandageHide and Seek
Evil IViolence
F-U2 (feat. Helen of Troy)Maybe
Rubella BalletMoney Talks
Youth In AsiaPower and the Glory
Poison GirlsAnother Hero (Live)
Hagar The WombDressed To Kill (Live)
Gretschen HofnerMan with a Smoking Gun (Live)
X-Ray SpexOh Bondage! Up Yours! (Live)
Bikini KillRebel Girl 01:10:00
Le TigreEau D' Bedroom Dancing
Lady PartsFish and Chips
Panic ShackJiu Jits You
Gazoonga AttackCinderellaLOCAL
LunachicksJan Brady
Babes In ToylandHandsome and Gretel
Los BitchosTequila
7 Year BitchKnot
The Linda LindasRacist, Sexist Boy
Tsunami BombPlanet, Schmanet, Janet
BananaramaNo Feelings
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsLove Is All Around
X-Ray SpexGerm Free Adolescents (Live) 01:55:00