The Pineapple Rebellion

Alexis Pink & Izrin Ariff


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

In 1938 a bunch of mostly farmers march up to parliament house armed and prepared for a long siege against the Queensland state Government led by Labor Premier William Forgan Smith, their demands for 40 hour work weeks, credit provided publically and electoral reforms were revolutionary for the time, but failed to impress Forgan Smith, who had them all arrested and tried. 80 years on and the names are all but forgotten, but the spirit of wanting to get our government to work for us lives on.

This incarnation of the rebellion takes a step back from the barricades, focusing instead on keeping an eye on the agendas of our state and local governments and focus down on the bills that will make a difference to Queenslanders, while also keeping an eye on the direct action that makes our state the place it is.

In the hour we will talk about the agenda of state parliament, the cacophony of Question time, and what our state reps consider important when they go to committee or to the house, we would also do in-depth analysis of key legislative pieces and talk to the experts that took the time to respond to committees. It's also home for a little tongue-in-cheek political humour and the occaisonal opinion or two.


24 May, 2024

Bills, Bates and Barristers

This week on TPR, A Week of Politics with Alexis, Jaya talks about "what Ros said" and parliament's approach to social media angst, and Izzy talks about the ICC and Gaza.

In the lightning round, its Stringers, Swimmers and Stories

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