The New Zealand Show

Lindsay, Bernie and Jeff


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Kiaora.  We present the best of Past and Present NZ music presented by people who were there and have really great accents ay bro. and are passionate about NZ music. We have presented this show since 1983 Including new music, artist / tour info & other news from across the ditch. The oldest member of the show being our founder who has been at it since 1983 and younger guys Jeff and Bernie who bring new musical perspectives to the show. Featuring News and Information Including Kiwi Films and Everything Kiwi

With Lindsay,Jeff and Bernie(plus occasional guests).And Feturing Leyton as NZ live Correspondent 


28 May, 2024

Banks ArcadeHeartStop
Carb on CarbOk Bye
Carb On CarbOver Communicate
Isla NoonBody
Isla NoonTalk About Us
Isla NoonHer
Jenni SmithI Dont Know How Not To
Jenni SmithMake it or Break It
Jenni SmithT Shirt
Shepards ReignAla Mai
The DawksSo Democaracy Dies
Turkey The BirdLady Who
Joe GhattPale Blue Dot
Beat Rhym FashionWorld View
Raging FlowersHello Baby
Raging FlowersIve Though I'Ve Let you Go
Raging FlowersProcrastination
Samanttha JosephineWhen I had Feelings Weren't so Bad
Danica BryantTunnel of Love
Danica BryantHeart Eyes
Dear Times WasteRoom For Rent
Daer Times WastePolarity
Super GrooveScorpio Girls(kiwi Classic 1)
StellerWhat You Do Barstard (kiwi Classic 2)
Straightjacket FitsShe Speeds Kiwi Classic 3)
Sisters UndergroundIn The Neighbour Hood