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12 July, 2024

Medieval & Dice (RandomiZZZed takeover)

01 Square TugsLand Speed RecordLOCAL
02 Hott SexxLong DogsLOCAL
03 Burnt TrashEnigmaLOCAL
04 Tia GostelowMirrorsLOCAL
05 Full Flower Moon BandBabyLOCAL
06 Dirty ThreeLove Changes EverythingAUS
07 Local AuthorityDisconnectLOCAL
08 descentiaBlood On My HandsLOCAL
09 Blue Diner.MorningsideLOCAL
10 The Wicked MessengerScottish Bands and Holding HandsAlbum launch 14 July @ It's Still a SecretLOCAL
11 Miss KaninnaPush UpAUS
12 DobbyMatter of TimeAUS
13 The SnoutsGreat DisgraceLOCAL
14 Girl and GirlOh BoyLOCAL
15 The DistainedRockton StreetLOCAL
16 DorisI Want To GrowAUS
17 Council GroundsLash OutLOCAL
18 Electric Prawns 2Prawns PartyLOCAL
20 Platonic SexHanging Out the WindowLOCAL
STANDepression StreetLOCAL

Released on 12 July, STAN's new EP "Social Suffering" is being launched at The Beardo on Thursday 18th July

Sacred BlueHeyLOCAL