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3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Join us every Thursday for the Shananigans as 
Paulie D & Ben carry you away from the stresses of the day and keep you glued to the radio and entertained as they play mainly in all of its forms, some hot hair ballooning and most importantly take your requests and dedications.

TEXT IN FOR REQUESTS : 0420 626 733 

Make a Request, Relax and Enjoy the Ride that is Four Triple Zed FM 

Jump onto the couch for a Lazy Wild 'Arternoon' Ride !! 
"Welcome listeners from across the country across the tasman,
aannnnnd most importantly right across Brisbane and the greater south east.
You are listening to The Brown Couch on Community Radio Four Tripple Zed 102.1fm Brisbane. 
So sit down, relax, subscribe and hold on while we take you away to the land of happiness."


23 May, 2024

Frenzal RhombBronze For Strayia!AUS 03:05:23
X-Ray SpexOh Bondage Up Yours! 03:03:13
Bikini KillDouble Dare Ya 03:06:06
The Clash (feat. Pearl Harbour)Fujiyama Mama (Live,1982) 03:09:03
L7Fast And Frightening 03:11:41
Babes In ToylandLaredo 03:14:13
LunachicksWing Chun 03:17:22
Pussy RiotHelter Skelter 03:18:32
Emily Wynne-HughesI Just Wanna Have Something To Do 03:22:04
SpazzysPaco Doesn't Love MeAUS 03:25:10
DickLordKnuckle GirlsAUS 03:27:35
BLUSSHHitzLOCAL 03:30:26
BOUDICCAEllenAUS 03:32:58
The Australian Beefweek ShowMinistry Of ArseholesAUS 03:44:06
The Australian Beefweek ShowDumbcuntAUS 03:40:36
C.O.F.F.I.NCut You OffAUS 03:45:37
Ess-EmJFK Shot FirstAUS 03:49:14
DreamkillersDry ReachLOCAL 03:53:05
Sex PistolsBodies 03:51:00
Dead KennedysI Fought The Law 03:58:37
RazarTask ForceLOCAL 04:00:54
BuzzcocksWhat Do I Get 04:02:46
Iggy PopLouie Louie 04:04:41
King StingrayLookin' OutAUS 04:09:21
The GlycereensRNR PlayerLOCAL 04:14:03
Pineapples From The Dawn Of TimeThe Flea That Ate My StashLOCAL 04:19:52
The Disgruntled TaxpayersI Do Everything Better When I'm Really SmashedLOCAL 04:19:32
Black RhenoFirst World BitchesAUS 04:29:52
Amyl And The SniffersFactsAUS 04:33:12
RegurgitatorPestLOCAL 04:35:52
Bart WilloughbyAustraliaAUS 04:37:27
Some JerksThe HunterLOCAL 04:47:49
Stiff Little FingersSuspect Device 04:40:21
ChoofYoghurt CupsAUS 04:49:52
PRINKBabyLOCAL 04:50:41
Mick Medew And The RumoursAnother Girl, Another PlanetLOCAL 04:50:25
Husker DuDon't Want To Know If You Are Lonely 04:53:00
Mach PelicanShe's A ModAUS 04:58:02
BelvedereSlaves to the pavement 05:03:52
The DeclineWhere's The DoctorAUS 05:09:06
The Wolston ButchersMugged In NambourLOCAL 05:08:13
Radium DollsWandering EyeLOCAL 05:08:24
Far OutLast Night 05:14:50
Suicidal Tendencies Alone 05:15:44
BotchContraction 05:26:16
MudhoneyTouch Me I'm Sick [Live] 05:29:03
Joe StrummerLove Kills 05:31:43
RamonesCan't Seem To Make You Mine 05:36:53
PunktiliousGin & TonicLOCAL 05:44:51
Radio BirdmanWhat Gives?AUS 05:47:36
TISMFor Those About To RockAUS 05:49:33