The Brisbane Drum n B4zzz Show

SAMp3, De La Haye, D.Empty, Obzerve, Keepcallingmethat, Green Eggs & Sam, Talisman, Skitzoid


10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

A 2 hour weekly Drum And Bass show which aims to showcase local producers tunes and host local DJ's guest mixes, as well as fill you in on all things happening in our DNB scene here in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast. Hosted by local DJ's SAMp3Green Eggs & Sam, ReegzeSkitzoid , De La Haye, Talisman, Obzerve, D.Empty and Keep Caliing Me That. If you'd like to hear your song played or just want to get in touch please email


05 May, 2024

The Brisbane Drum n B4zzz Show w/ Green Eggs & Sam , Talisman & Martian

Three kiwi DJs unite for two hours of Drum & Bass. With the recent decision to move my (GEAS) to the new TBDNBS Kiwi HQ at Talismans house for the level up of our show.

This week was a tester on the setup with Green Eggs & Sam squeezing one last 40min mix at RB's before the setup was re located. All things GEAS loves deep dark and heavy selections.

The second half of the show after the decks were reset in there new home. Talisman and Martian put on a b2b 50mins throw down making sure Tal’s neighbours know who’s boss. Then for the final 30mins Tal takes it home solo. Enjoy!

Green Eggs & SamMixLOCAL 10:01:13
Talisman & Martian Mix Part#1LOCAL 10:41:00
TalismanMix Part#2LOCAL 11:31:09