Rusted Satellites

Cieon and Kurt


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Ambient, instrumental and experimental music from Australia and around the world. Featuring occasional live performances by local, interstate and international musicians. Hosted by Cieon and Kurt.


26 May, 2024

Arooj AftabRaat Ki Rani 06:00:59
Madeleine CocolasBodies ILOCAL 06:09:04
Timothy FairlessAlmost Lost You in ShinjukuLOCAL 06:15:45
Unregistered Lodges Future Tense AtlasLOCAL 06:21:03
Hand to EarthGadayka/GrenadillaAUS 06:28:15
Eiko IshibashiAgloe 06:31:57
Kim GordonDream Dollar 06:37:46
HTRKDream SymbolLOCAL 06:40:45
Kathy HindeTwittering Machines (extract 3) 06:46:01
Ariadne Randallas horizon 06:53:16
Secret TeethThe Light Just RadiatesAUS 07:01:26
Benoît PioulardVII 07:14:31
BelongImages of Love 07:22:35
Nadia StruiwighEinaudi 07:27:06
Emma Ruth RundleIn Sadness For Our Dying World (here come the Christians) 07:32:17
UshghurMonogenderLOCAL 07:38:25
Phantom Chipsstart up bingLOCAL 07:40:02
Keiji HainoSee That My Grave Is Kept Clean (soft version) 07:46:10