Knuckledraggerzzz Extravaganza

Matt Lynch & Jared Berriman


10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

As the great philosophical work Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure once said “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing”.
Join Matt and Jared each Tuesday evening from 10pm for two hours and lets evolve together.

07 May, 2024


We’ve had to do some real dark room dealings to get this one organised. That and we actually had to tidy up Bug Curse Records for the first time in god knows how long so we’ve uncovered a lot of stuff we thought we’d lost. The reason for this big effort is the fact we have the head of Cave Dweller Music and our supreme and incredibly handsome overload King James Sweetlove on.
Why do we have him on? Well outside him wanting to know we aren’t piss farting about, he’s on to talk about volume four of Mind over Metal, a charity sampler that CDM have been running for four years now. It’s a massive collection of underground music with all proceeds going to both Mental Health Europe and National Alliance of Metal Illnesses. We’ll be spotlighting a few artists off the sampler to give you a little teaser taster.
Turn Cold Black Sunshine
FrostgardAncalagon the Black, War of Wrath
dungeontrollArriving at Golden Gates of Elforian
Atlantean SwordThe Frost Giant's Daughter
Almost Honest Amish Hex
Woorms Amputation Station
Mastiff Void
Terra Builder Solar Temple
IronwitchCrushing FaithLOCAL
Better Lovers Become So Small
Inter Arma New Heaven
Akira Kosemura, Lawrence EnglishThela LOCAL
Madeleine Cocolas The CreekLOCAL
Laurel Halo, Lucy Railton, James UnderwoodLate Night Drive
Vile Creature Apathy Took Helm!