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29 May, 2024


00:11 -  Weird Science: Eagles change their migration around the Ukraine conflict & silky sensors

00:27  -  Weird Science 2.0: Robot snakes to tumble on Earth, swim in space

00:38  -  The Nemo villain, deep sea fish that wear their male mates  w/ our friendly neighbourhood marine master Peta

00:52  -  Sleeping-off Finnish karaoke stress 

01:07  -  MotoRap: All eyes on Monaco for the annual F1 spectacle

01:30  -  Know Idea peer review

01:44  -  "Echidnapus" and the ancient Australian age of the monotremes 

01:52  -  Space News: SpaceX burn up a rocket test pad


Image: Two female anglerfish, one with a male attached underneath. Masaki Miya and Andrey Butko / Wikipedia Commons (CC BY-SA).


Girl and GirlMotherLOCAL 10:07:44
The TramsTiny SparksLOCAL 10:20:52
SIMI LACROIXEyes On The PrizeLOCAL 10:23:26
SquareBrand New (Haha)LOCAL 10:33:05
Nice BiscuitRain (Radio Edit)LOCAL 10:34:49
Down UnderHellAUS 10:48:19
Molly RocketRabbit HoleAUS 10:56:24
Kerbside CollectionRabbit HoleLOCAL 11:03:09
Love Like HateRabbit HoleLOCAL 11:24:40
Jaguar JonzeRabbit HoleLOCAL 11:27:07
LipstereoRabbit HoleAUS 11:39:15
The VitriotsRabbit HoleAUS 11:50:03
CHMBRSRabbit HoleAUS 11:55:51