Owen, Belle, and Immy


10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

IncubatorZZZ is a unique program on Zed Digital that provides a pathway for Zedders who for whatever reason (which may include accessibility, including need for remote work, other life commitments, or financial constraints) are not able to participate in or develop their own Zed Digital or 4zzz 102.1 FM show.  IncubatorZZZ presents a diverse sound from contributors drawing on individual perspectives and life experiences across the musical spectrum. 

IncubatorZZZ - Connecting and Amplifying the diverse voices of our community!


Insta: incubatorzzzZedDigital


15 July, 2024

It's 'Pure Rumination' tonight with segments from Callum & Brodie, Poppy, and Sam!  Rounding out the show were some sharp selections from Belle, Immy, and Mark! 
IncubatorZZZ - Physically Connected Radio!  

RegurgitatorNot A Pop Song (feat. Peaches)LOCAL
RomyDid I (Peaches remix)AUS
Tom HarrisonHow LongLOCAL
Ultra Vivid SceneBlood and Thunder
David BowieSpace Oddity
Nine Year SisterOne Thousand WordsLOCAL
Bill WithersAin't No Sunshine
Neil YoungOn The Beach
Portishead Numb
Dreamtime Emerald SeaLOCAL
Beligerant GoatBroccoli MagiLOCAL
Master Control ProgramThe Cosmic End PointLOCAL
Jeff WayneThe Eve of The War
GurrumulBayini (feat Sarah Blasko)AUS
BARKAABlak MatriarchAUS
Emily WurramaraLordy Lordy ft Tasman KeithLOCAL
EleeaJust Friends (Acoustic)LOCAL
Cuckoo CocoImperialAUS