Friday Neon

Quentin Ellison


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

It's a chill out session with great tunes and guests on any issue, be it music, arts, social or something to get off the chest.

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30 October, 2020

Barry Manilow Mandy (Requested by Robert Anderson from THIS! Friday 6-9am) 10:03:00
VedaBlood On Your HandsLOCAL 10:06:00
2 Inch TapeLonelinessAUS 10:10:00
The Blackwater FeverThe Boogie WoogieLOCAL 10:17:00
Bird Flies HighHow To LeaveLOCAL 10:20:00
6Th Floor OrchestraCuerda's De Bruja 10:25:00
Deb SucklingBlue DayLOCAL 10:31:00
KT26ersI Wanna RockLOCAL 10:50:00
BrindleSkin and BoneLOCAL 11:01:00
Shenson GregorioDance MacarbeLOCAL 11:09:00
Levi JacksonBrown EyesLOCAL 11:13:00
Jonathan BreeFuck It 11:31:00
NgaiireHouse On A RockAUS 11:35:00
WeenFreedom Of 76 11:39:00
Arty ZiffThought About YouAUS 11:46:00
King StingrayHey WanhakaAUS 11:49:00
PiroshkaEverlastingly Yours 11:53:00
Oh BaileyTamagotchiLOCAL 11:57:00