Friday Neon

Quentin Ellison


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

It's a chill out session with great tunes and guests on any issue, be it music, arts, social or something to get off the chest.

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21 June, 2019

AuramicsFounders Of Time 10:08:00
KalypticoRustedLOCAL 10:13:00
New OrderBizarre Love Triangle 10:23:00
David BowieStarman 10:33:00
David BowieAshes To Ashes 10:43:00
Jess RibeiroYoung LoveAUS 10:47:00
Wavy The CreatorBody Deep 10:56:00
SleeperSale Of The Century 11:03:00
Alanis MorisetteHand In My Pocket 11:07:00
Sneaker Pimps6 Underground 11:19:00
NirvanaIn Bloom 11:20:00
Lizzo Juice 11:49:09
Altered ImagesI Can Be Happy 11:54:00
Sleater - KinneyThe Future Is Here 11:58:00