Crunch Factor



2:00 AM - 6:00 AM

24 May, 2024

The Motherlode Episode

Rose TattooRock'n'Roll OutlawAUS
MizeryForced Rebirth
Stabbitha And The Knifey WifeysIron SleepAUS
SubzeroNecropolis (City Of The Damned)
Vantablack WarshipWe Shall Not Sleep
RezetThe Devil's Bride
GoldstoolPeople Aren't AlrightLOCAL
Nasty SavageUnchained Angel
Ryker'sCast In Stone
Bloody FallsA Reason To Live
MorphetikDeath Incarnate
BegravementValley Of Everlasting Darkness
Umbra VitaeAnti-Spirit Machine
UnsaneNo Chance
Ape VerminMotherlode
Metallica...And Justice For All
Kerry KingToxic
WhiplashRed Bomb
Primitive DreadMrakot Ni e Poznat
WhiplashRed Bomb
Abysmal DawnIn Service Of Time
SickOmaniaBeyond The Darklands
VespidNothing More Sacred
InvictaForces Of Annihilation
Crave DeathThe Illusion Of PeaceLOCAL
CrowbarSymmetry In White
CrisixInfectuous Hospital Waste
DanzigLong Way Back From Hell
D.R.ISuit And Tie Guy
ScowlOpening Night
BulletbeltThou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live Part.2
SlayerKilling Fields
BeheadImpossible Equilibrium
The Diamond DeadConsume
MonastryDreadfull Thing
SadusIt's The Sickness
DownBeneath The Tides
200 Stab WoundsItty Bitty Pieces
EntrailsCrawling Death
The CrownDeath Explosion
TribulationCrypt Of Thanatophilia
TorcheOn The Wire
ElectrocutionerThrone Possessor
DefetusAbortion Bucket Fillings
ExodusShovel Headed Kill Machine
The DatsunsHarmonic Generator
High CommandSiege Warfare
GorgatronBlatant De-Evaluation
Cathartic DemiseSilence Within
Cavalera ConspiracySanctuary
Six Feet UnderCompulsive
Static XDestroy All
Craving TheoStomp
CorruptDeadliest High
Blood OfferDevourer Of Souls
Black Label SocietyFuneral Bell
GrindRaw Living
Hot MachineRed Hot Summer