Cosmic Gravy

The Cosmic Bogan


12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Cosmic Gravy, with The Cosmic Bogan, explores the Australian music scene by playing 100% Australian music from the 4zzz 'Hot Bin' and selected national artists. Guided by Cosmology, Cosmo's radio philosophy, The Cosmic Bogan supports local artists by playing 100% Australian music with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and local talent. 


28 May, 2024

I am Cosmo and Not Cosmo

Tonight the Cosmic Bogan takes you down to the glory of the Indie scene in Brisbane. Feel the decent into the dark scene and enjoy the tunes of the greatest musos in the galaxy.

Lavelin forget about usAUS 12:04:00
DreamkillersGate DiminishedLOCAL 12:08:59
Worm Girlz Cool GirlLOCAL 12:13:23
DurriwiynFade AwayLOCAL 12:17:00
Kit Genesis The FireThe FireAUS 12:20:23
JungajiGummy BamarraLOCAL 12:23:23
Sarah ToninPark HotelAUS 12:28:00
Miles NautuNamesLOCAL 12:30:46
teddie stawberry cakeAUS 12:33:16
Outback EmpireOne More TimeLOCAL 12:36:23
paxy soberAUS 12:39:48
Sunny LuweHands UpAUS 12:42:37
spicy LemonsMatt's PlaceAUS 12:45:45
TjakaHomelandLOCAL 12:49:32
Darcie Haven Better Left UnsaidAUS 12:49:32
Yung JuiceBipolarAUS 12:56:41
slim jimz ripAUS 12:59:59
Zoe From EarthHorizonLOCAL 01:05:04
Violet SaltJet LagLOCAL 01:08:23
The GlycereensJane StreetLOCAL 01:11:19
StockerAngelLOCAL 01:14:14
Nice BiscuitRainLOCAL 01:18:11
Mountain AshColoursLOCAL 01:22:54
Milly StrangeIn FireLOCAL 01:27:56
DamienJoyLOCAL 01:31:05
After FordLemonadeLOCAL 01:35:20
EimhinWhy Do I Still Think of YouLOCAL 01:38:54
FingerlessNo Words can Reach itLOCAL 01:42:18
Last DinosaursKeys To Your CivicLOCAL 01:47:15
The Neon SignsDon't Think Too MuchLOCAL 01:50:58
The GEt NotsFumesLOCAL 01:54:43
Sepia BlueLow RollerLOCAL 01:57:33