Alphabet Soup

Linda Dark


7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Tune in each week to hear our letter-of-the-week! Each show is based on one letter of the alphabet and we will only play songs and/or artists beginning with the chosen letter! Covering the best new alternative music, the cream of the local artist crop, and all the classics!

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23 May, 2024

The Letters X, Y & Z Show!

Loose ToothYou SayKeep UpAUS 07:09:30
Butcher BirdsYoko ComaSet My BonesLOCAL 07:09:30
Mt. Nadir You & MeGrowing PainLOCAL 07:17:30
FingerlessYes TodayYes Today (Single)LOCAL 07:20:55
Hot MessYou Think You're Special You Think You're Special (Single)AUS 07:29:50
SnooperXeroxSuper Snõõper 07:33:05
ZEKEDolphenwulfTil the Livin' End 07:34:20
DrahlaZig-zagangeltape 07:36:20
Face to FaceYou've Done NothingDon't Turn Away 07:39:15
The HalvesYardbird Grind Yardbird Grind (Single)AUS 07:43:45
Yard Act100% EnduranceThe Overload 07:56:25
ClownsZEROS AND ONESEndlessAUS 08:04:10
YdinperheP.M.A.Kymmenen valivuotta 08:07:35
Brixton AlleyYoung DreamersYoung Dreamers (Single)LOCAL 08:09:15
YuckGet AwayYuck 08:13:10
Death DumplingsYou SuckMillennium BugLOCAL 08:16:45
The GlycereensOne Way TicketGlycotherapy (Album of the Week)LOCAL 08:25:25
BilliamZippaCorner Tactics AUS 08:28:40
XLos AngelesLos Angeles 08:30:40
Sex Shop BoyzYoga PantsEP (Enlarged Penis)LOCAL 08:33:10
XTCMaking Plans for Nigel 08:37:55
The YoungbloodsQuicksandElephant Mountain 08:41:55
The ZebrasYou Look ReadyWorry A LotLOCAL 08:45:00
The SunnyboysYou Need A FriendIndividualsAUS 07:48:00
Sweater CurseZ9 See You LOCAL 08:51:45
SpermbirdsYou're Not A PunkSomething to Prove / Nothing is Easy 08:57:40