What is Sepsis and how dangerous is it

Monday, May 27, 2024
by Eliot Rifkin

Some of us have experienced friends or family who all of a sudden contracted sepsis or have even experienced it ourselves.  Sepsis seems to onset quickly and can be deadly.  How do you know it’s coming on? When do you go to your GP versus call an ambulance? Is sepsis reversible?

4ZZZ's Eliot Rifkin chatted about recognising Sepsis and how recent research is taking a different approach with Mark Coulthard affiliated with UQ as well as the Queensland Children’s Hospitals Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

For a deep dive...

Here's Mark Coulthard's bio along with his research partner Trent Woodruff as well as some support for those listener's who've been affected by sepsis - Surviving Sepsis.

You can visit some other resouces here:

Eliot Rifkin

Eliot Rifkin is a Journalist and Producer on Thursday Brisbane Line