UQ Students for Palestine Pack Up Their Encampment for the Semester

Thursday, June 6, 2024
by Stephanie Felesina

On Sunday the 2nd of June UQ Students for Palestine activists packed up their tents after a month-long encampment that took place at the heart of the University of Queensland's Great Court. Over the past several weeks the campus has hosted rallies, and sit-ins and been witness to some of the biggest student activism events seen in Australia in recent decades. 4ZZZ journalist Stephanie Felesina spoke with activist and UQ Students for Palestine member Oula Sheehan and UQ academic Carole Ferrier on the wrap-up of the encampment, what it means for student activism, and the potential of a return in the following semester.  

Stephanie Felesina

Stephanie Felesina is a Journalist and Presenter on Tuesday Brisbane Line as well as the Production Coordinator of the 4ZZZ newsroom.