Listening to Music to Cope with Stress

Tuesday, May 21, 2024
by Anita Diamond

Ever find yourself listening to that favourite song? Or tuning into your favourite playlist when things get hectic and you just want some stress relief? Well, there's a reason for that! And it turns out that listening to music is indeed the best medicine. 4ZZZ's intrepid reporter, Anita Diamond, interviewed Dr Amanda Krause (James Cook University), who conducted a recent study on listening to music to cope with everyday stressors.

For a deep dive...

Here is Dr Amanda Krause's website and a link to her full study on "Listening to music to cope with everyday stressors". On Dr Amanda's website, you can find further resourecs as well as registering your interest in participating in any of her music studies.

Anita Diamond

Anita Diamond is a music creator both as a solo artist and a vocalist for symphonic death metal band Necrostasis. Her current profession is in the field of technology, where she works as a web developer but outside of that, her passion is music and journalism. She loves telling stories and interviewing people so that we can all learn from the great wealth of knowledge out there!