All things cyber security

Monday, June 24, 2024
by Anita Diamond

Ever received those pesky emails or texts and realised they were a scam? We've all had it happen to us, but what exactly is cyber crime? And what can we do to stop it?

For a deep dive...

Here's Dr James Carlopio's website where you can look through all the videos, blogs and articles they have made available to learn more and is a recommended place to start. You can also visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and Australian Signals Directorate and the Australian Cyber Security Centre to find out even more information and stay up-to-date with all things related to cyber security and how to stay safe!

Anita Diamond

Anita Diamond is a music creator both as a solo artist and a vocalist for symphonic death metal band Necrostasis. Her current profession is in the field of technology, where she works as a web developer but outside of that, her passion is music and journalism. She loves telling stories and interviewing people so that we can all learn from the great wealth of knowledge out there!